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Trend Collection

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The athleisure trend has blurred the traditional boundaries between sportswear and fashion.

The latest Stoll Fashion & Technology collection goes one step further – blurring the line between fashion design and industrial design. Our state of the art technology caters to both garments and objects alike, moving seamlessly between the two.

To embody the spirit and virtues of our collection, we chose a familiar modern day urban icon: the Bike Messenger.

Bike Messengers are exposed to many chal­lenges around weather conditions, physiology, ergonomics and road safety. We took all of these challenges into consideration, from the earliest stages of our creative process.

During the design and development phase, we focused on showcasing the outstanding 3D capabilities of our latest ADF-machine technology.

We hope you enjoy the journey.

Jörg Hartmann Head of Fashion & Technology

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